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2K Oven Baked Spray Painting

Oven Bake System, Why does it matter?

Oven bake system is the best way to spray a car in order to achieve the best results. The oven bake system allows the paint to be sprayed in a controlled environment and to dry instantly avoiding any drips which can occur when multi coats of paint is being applied. The system is also fitted with a filtration system which eliminates the possibility of dust settling on the paintwork before it dries. Baking hardens the paint compound and makes it durable and scratch resistant. It also gives a glossy enamel finish that delivers a mirror effect. Lastly it helps to speed up the whole process and eliminates uncontrolled environment hiccups to ensure high quality finish and quality control Spray Painting We provide spray painting service for all vehicles, including accident vehicles as well as vehicles that would like to be recoated/coated (with existing or new color). We will assist our customers to update the change of color change on LTA website, as part of our service.

Car Repairing

Need to repair and service your car?

LWM and our partners are more than happy to assist you with your car needs Our workshop is equipped with the latest technology diagnostic equipment to diagnose all makes and models of motor vehicles. The equipment enables our engineers to diagnose any fault efficiently and effectively.

Services we provide:
  • Diagnostic Check/Change/Service/Top Up
  • Engine Oil
  • Battery
  • Brake Fluid
  • Coolant
  • Belting/Hoses Condition
  • Oil Filter
  • Power Steering
  • Wiper Washer
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Tyre Pressure
  • All Necessary Fluid
  • Tyres Rotation & Balancing
  • 4 Wheels Brakes

Welding service

it takes years of practice to master the tool and become a skilled welder. Fortunately, we have an experienced team that can solve your welding repairs problem. Let us know what you need and we will advise you accordingly.

Panel Beating

Panel Beating and knocking service

Slight knocks or huge dents. We have a team of panel-beating professionals with vast experience in the industry to get your car back in shape!

Vehicle Scrapping & Towing

Vehicle Scrapping and Towing service

We provide scrapping service to our customers once their COE is expired We also provide 24 hour towing service in Singapore and Malaysia island-wide with our very own dedicated tow truck fleets.

24 hrs Towing Hotline: +65 9188 3945
LTA Inspection

LTA inspection service

We provide scrapping service to our customers once their COE has expired TThis is a value-added service provided by our company. Our company provides "Inspection Package" to customers whose vehicles are due for inspection. This includes servicing of the vehicle to the condition required for inspection approval, sending and collecting of vehicle from LTA.